Party Chicks

Great night party annually takes place in Saint Petersburg. Thousands of people across whole world come to join it.
There are the 'rivers' of beer, acid dance music and hundreds of cute girls undress and go dancing at the stages.
We shot 3 hours of video of this music and nudity party. You just can't pass by! Join us and you'll not stay calm from the show,
when hundreds of nude girls dance under the sounds of wild acid music showing theirs naked bodies.

Once per year the Miami beach turns into the place for cool party. A lot of boats and yachts come to beach and hundreds of nice sexy girls and boys turns on and have fun - erotic competitions, sexual dances, girls bodies hot from sun and drinks. This party smells sex & you'll find all described actions at our site. You must see it - we have hundreds of high quality photos and near 1 hour of video.

NEW- candid videos - NEW


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